Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 Week 9 NFL Power Ratings

Here are the updated power ratings for Week 9...

99.5 Denver
   96 Seattle
   95 Indianapolis, Arizona, Dallas (w/ Romo), San Francisco
   94 Detroit, Green Bay, Philadelphia, San Diego, Baltimore, New England
93.5 Kansas City
   93 New Orleans, Cincinnati
   92 Pittsburgh, Miami, Buffalo, NYG
   91 Houston, Carolina, Washington, Cleveland
   90 Chicago, Atlanta
89.5 St. Louis, Minnesota
   89 NYJ
   88 Tampa Bay
   87 Tennessee
86.5 Oakland
   86 Jacksonville

Denver is clearly the best team in the NFL by a relatively wide margin. The rest of the order is debatable and open for interpretation, as there aren't many dominant teams in the league at this point in time. I'm sure many people don't think Seattle is the second best team in the NFL, and will point to Arizona's 6-1 record or reference their losses to San Diego and Dallas, and I understand that. However, every other team besides Denver has visible flaws, which makes it difficult to rank some of the upper-echelon teams, as I feel most of them are in the same tier. When it comes down to it though, Seattle would be favored over pretty much any of the 94's and 95's, regardless of what my opinion is.

I'm not completely sold on Arizona yet, considering they've been on the right side of three different coin flips (San Diego, NYG, Philadelphia).

Seattle is a tough team for me to get a read on. They obviously haven't looked as good as they did last year, but it's difficult for me to believe the Seahawks aren't a top five team.

New England has looked great since the embarrassing loss to Kansas City on national television, but I'm not a believer. The Patriots are missing key players for the remainder of the season (Mayo and Jones) and eventually it's going to catch up to them. This defense cannot stop the run but the offense has been able to temporarily camouflage this weakness thanks to the reemergence of Gronkowski.

Kansas City may only be 4-3, but two of those losses came against San Francisco and Denver in tight games. I'm not sure how good this team is, but I do believe they are better than most people perceive them to be. The Chiefs can't afford to sleepwalk through Sunday's game against the Jets though, considering they have plenty of challenging opponents coming up down the stretch.

Week 9 Projected Point Spreads
New Orleans @ Carolina (PK)
San Diego @ Miami (PK)
Jacksonville @ Cincinnati (-10)
Tampa Bay @ Cleveland (-6)
Washington @ Minnesota (PK)
Philadelphia (-1.5) @ Houston
NYJ @ Kansas City (-8.5)
Arizona @ Dallas (-2) (w/ Romo)
St. Louis @ San Francisco (-9)
Denver (-3) @ New England
Oakland @ Seattle (-13.5)
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (PK)
Indianapolis (-2) @ NYG

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