Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Revised NCAA Basketball Power Ratings (March 19, 2014)

Haven't posted power ratings in a few weeks, so I figured it would make sense to provide them before the tournament games begin tomorrow.

Here is my top 50...

93.5 Louisville
93.0 Florida
92.0 Arizona
91.0 Michigan St.
90.0 Wichita St., Duke, Virginia
89.5 Villanova, Kansas*, Creighton, Michigan
89.0 Wisconsin, Syracuse
88.5 UCLA
88.0 Iowa St.
87.5 Oklahoma St., Cincinnati, VCU, UConn, Ohio St., Kentucky, Iowa
87.0 Memphis, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Gonzaga, New Mexico, SMU, San Diego St.
86.5 Saint Louis, Oregon, Tennessee, Baylor
86.0 Stanford, Texas
85.5 Oklahoma, Arizona St., Utah
85.0 St. John's, Providence, Kansas St., Massachusetts, George Washington, Xavier, Saint Joseph's
84.5 Nebraska, BYU*, Louisiana Tech, Harvard, LSU

*I dropped Kansas' rating down 2.5 points to an 89.5 due to the absence of Embiid.

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