Friday, February 14, 2014

NCAA Men's Basketball Power Ratings (February 14, 2014)

With the NFL season finished, I have decided to shift my focus towards NCAA Basketball.

I never usually agree with the AP poll or Coaches poll, primarily because I believe the voters put too much emphasis on win/loss records. I also have a problem with simply ranking teams down the list 1-25. I'm pretty sure a fifth grader can rank the top 25 teams in order based on win/loss record.

For my power ratings, I assign numerical values to each team in order to get a better estimation of how much better one team is than another. Kansas is the best team in the nation according to my ratings, but how much better are they than teams like Arizona, Florida and Syracuse? I look to answer those type of questions when constructing power ratings.

Note: Michigan St. has a * because they have injury problems and thus are tough to assign a number to at the moment. 93 is where I think they ultimately end up come March, but their current form is tough to judge. Oklahoma St. also has an asterisk because they are another team that is tough to quantify at this point in time. This team hasn't been the same since Michael Cobbins went down with a season-ending Achilles injury and I just can't get a read on them.

Here is my top 50...

93.5 Kansas
93.0 Syracuse
92.5 Arizona, Florida, Duke, Louisville
92.0 Michigan St.*
91.0 Villanova, Iowa
90.5 Kentucky, Michigan, Creighton
90.0 Virginia, Wichita St., Iowa St.
89.5 UCLA, Ohio St.
88.5 Cincinnati, San Diego St., Wisconsin, Pittsburgh
88.0 SMU, North Carolina, Saint Louis, UConn
87.5 Texas, Memphis, Oregon, Arizona St.
87.0 VCU, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Kansas St., Stanford, Utah, Oklahoma St.*
86.5 California, Tennessee
85.5 West Virginia, St. John's, Baylor, Massachusetts
85.0 George Washington, Missouri, New Mexico, Minnesota
84.5 Florida St., Georgetown, Marquette, Xavier

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