Sunday, November 3, 2013

Revised NFL Power Ratings (November 1, 2013)

Here are the Week 9 NFL power ratings, along with some brief commentary on the top teams.

84.0 Denver
83.0 San Francisco, Seattle
82.5 Green Bay
82.0 New Orleans
79.5 Cincinnati
79.0 New England
78.5 Kansas City, Indianapolis
78.0 Detroit, Carolina
77.5 Dallas
77.0 San Diego, Chicago
76.5 Baltimore
76.0 Houston
75.5 Miami, Pittsburgh, Tennessee
75.0 Washington
74.5 Philadelphia, Arizona
73.5 Atlanta, NYG
73.0 NYJ
72.5 Oakland, Cleveland
72.0 Buffalo
71.0 St. Louis, Minnesota
68.0 Tampa Bay
65.0 Jacksonville

Denver dropped a half-point after struggling early on against Washington. Granted the Broncos came back and won the game handily, but perhaps I may have overrated them a bit in the Week 8 rankings. Denver is no longer the invincible juggernaut they initially appeared to be and I want my power ratings to reflect that.

San Francisco remains at an 83 despite blowing out Jacksonville in England. The 49ers could have won that game by 40 points and I still wouldn't have upgraded them (that's how bad the Jaguars are). However, I have San Francisco ranked second overall by a few decimal points

I had no choice but to drop Seattle a full point after their abysmal performance on Monday Night Football against a below-average St. Louis team that didn't have their starting quarterback. The Seahawks remain in the top 3, but it is obvious they are a completely different team when playing away from CenturyLink.

I've got New Orleans rated an 82.25 in the spreadsheet, but I rounded them down to 82 to maintain the half-point interval scale. With Jimmy Graham not close to a hundred percent, I thought it was appropriate to make the Saints an 82 for the time being.  

Cincinnati is the second best team in the AFC according to my rankings and I firmly believe they are better than Kansas City. However, the Bengals lost Geno Atkins, arguably the best defensive tackle in the league, to a torn ACL during Thursday night's game against Miami, which is a huge blow to an elite defensive line. Leon Hall has also been ruled out for the season, and Cincinnati's rating could drop in the near future depending on how their defense responses to these injuries.