Thursday, September 26, 2013

Revised NFL Power Ratings (September 26, 2013)

Here are the updated Week 4 NFL power ratings, along with some projected numbers for this week's matchups.

Denver and Seattle are clearly the top two teams in the league, but after that the rankings start to get ambiguous. I've got Green Bay ranked third by a smidge, but that can easily be debated.

I'm bullish on New Orleans this year and believe they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. However, the Saints have played a pretty soft schedule thus far and I need to see how they look against tougher competition. We should get a clearer picture of how good New Orleans is after they play back-to-back road games at Chicago and at New England during the upcoming weeks. 

The Patriots haven't impressed me this season, but we will find out soon whether they are for real or not. New England's next three games are at Atlanta, at Cincinnati and home against New Orleans.

I'm still not sold on Kansas City and I have them tied at 10th overall with Chicago and Dallas. The Chiefs have a borderline elite level defense, but their offense has had trouble moving the ball throughout the first three weeks of the season. Additionally, Kansas City has one of the easiest schedules in the league and their win/loss record will be deceiving down the road.

On a side note, I wanted to point out that I do not take win/loss records into account when making power ratings. Kansas City may be 3-0, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are a better team than Green Bay or San Francisco. 

85.0 Denver, Seattle
82.0 Green Bay
81.5 New England, New Orleans, San Francisco
80.0 Cincinnati
79.5 Atlanta, Houston
79.0 Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City
78.5 Baltimore, Miami
77.5 Detroit, Indianapolis
77.0 Carolina
76.5 NYG
76.0 Philadelphia, Tennessee, Washington
75.5 San Diego, St. Louis, Pittsburgh
74.5 Tampa Bay
74.0 Arziona, NYJ
73.5 Cleveland, Minnesota
72.5 Buffalo, Oakland
68.0 Jacksonville 

Projected Week 4 Point Spreads
San Francisco (-3) @ St. Louis
Pittsburgh (-2) @ Minnesota
Seattle (-2.75) @ Houston
NYG @ Kansas City (-5)
Baltimore (-3.25) @ Buffalo
Cincinnati (-4.5) @ Cleveland
Arizona @ Tampa Bay (-2.75)
Chicago @ Detroit (-1.5)
Indianapolis (-7.75) @ Jacksonville
NYJ @ Tennessee (-4)
Dallas (-.5) @ San Diego
Washington (-1) @ Oakland
Philadelphia @ Denver (-9.25)
New England @ Atlanta (-1)
Miami @ New Orleans (6.75)

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